Adstream moves to caption its ads

Advertising technology company Adstream is adding captions to its TV and Cinema ads in NSW, ACT, QLD and NT.

Captioning and Subtitling International (CSI), part of media and entertainment services company Deluxe, has started captioning all of the TV and cinema commercials distributed by Adstream Sydney, comprising NSW, ACT, QLD and NT.

Adstream has a deal in place with another company to cover other territories including Victoria.

In July 2012, B&T launched an investigation into advertising captioning and found many household names including Woolworths, Coles, Westfield and Ford were failing to use closed captions.

Following the story Coles and Hungry Jack’s became the first brands to commit to captioning after being contacted by B&T.

The move will make Adstream’s advertising accessible to a wider audience, including over 3.5 million deaf and hearing-impaired Australians.



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