User comment: Lack of subtitles online

I’m getting increasingly frustrated with the lack of subtitles online. The internet was a Godsend for deaf people, but more and more information is now shared in the form of videos, that are rarely subtitled, hence discriminating against those who can’t hear well enough to follow with just the sound on. BBC news for instance, has many news clip with just a tiny written intro paragraph. None of those news clips are subtitled. I choose to read the news online, rather than watch them on TV, because live running subtitles on TV news are not good enough to follow properly, but then, online news are becoming less and less accessible to deaf and hard of hearing people too. There are also so many interesting lectures, learning resources, films and other videos online, produced by companies and organisations that could easily be subtitled, but most are not subtitled. What’s worse is that often, there is a transcript of these videos and according to a friend who has subtitled her videos, it’s really quite easy to do. I find it amazing that businesses and larger organisations, in particular, choose to turn their back on the 1 in 6 people who have a hearing loss. Additionally, subtitles would benefit the many hearing people who don’t have headphones to plug into their laptops, i-pads, computers, etc. but would like to listen to something without disturbing other members of the family (thinking mostly late in the evening when the kids are in bed). It really would benefit millions and millions of people who use the internet. Anyway, please share the news about this new campaign. Many thanks!



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