Why I cancelled my Sky TV subscription

I’ve recently cancelled my Sky TV and was asked to comment upon the reasons why I had done so. This is the comment I made. Lets see what their response, if any is.

One of the main reasons I am leaving sky is that you ignore the requests of the hearing impaired community to address the issue of on demand content and box sets having zero subtitle availability.

Ok, I get that its a technical issue but why should those of us, who can’t access the entire range of services be ezpected to pay the same amount as those who can access those services? My decision to cancel was based on my own dissatisfaction with the lack of concern shown by Sky to my own comments as well as those I have encountered on many hearing impaired/deaf community sites including one reply from Sky that referred to a customer as being “physically challenged”. This lack of awareness is breathtaking.

Why should I continue to use and contibute to the profits of a company that currently hold the deaf and hearing impaired community in such contempt?

– Janet Colledge



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