Pedius – Automated relay service for the deaf (BSL with captions)

Pedius is a communication system that allows deaf people to make phone calls. You can use Pedius in your everyday life to make important calls such as booking doctors appointments or making reservations or to call family, friends and coworkers.

Once you download the Smartphone app you can start a conversation by either typing or speaking a message. The person you are calling will hear this and reply, and you will immediately read a transcription of what he or she just said. Pedius gives you the freedom to have real-time conversations when you need to call a plumber, book a table at your favourite restaurant, or talk to your doctor.

The Pedius app is especially useful when you need to contact someone accessible only by phone, and it is excellent when
you need to be careful about your privacy. Calling costs the same as an average mobile phone call at 15 pence per minute.

All new users to Pedius will receive £2.00 credit when they register!


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