Writing and Coding With Steno

Part 2 in my “What is Steno Good For?” series

In Part 1, I talked about how steno could be used by people who speak
with voice synthesizers, making it easy to communicate in English at
true conversational speeds using only their fingers.

In this part I want to talk about the benefit of steno in prose composition. I’m currently writing this on a qwerty keyboard on a subway train (the A down to Hoyt-Schirmerhorn in Brooklyn, if you’re interested) because there isn’t room to use my steno machine and my laptop’s keyboard isn’t antighosting, so I can’t use Plover (which also needs a file output option before it will be anything more than a demo. Planning to get on that very soon.) I’m typing out every letter of every word I want to write, plus spaces between each word.



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