S​hoddy ​English subtitles of Hausa films results in ‘​Engausa​​’​

As the Hausa movie industry grows so does its audience increase. With the introduction of the African Magic Hausa channel on DSTV, there arose a need to subtitle the movies to accommodate a wider non-Hausa speaking viewership ​across the continent. Muhsin Ibrahim, a Hausa Film promoter and observer, noted that some Kannywood film makers who subtitle their films in English do so without rightly taking into consideration the correct tenses and phrases that describe the dialogue. In many instances, the grammar is murdered, and the spellings error-ridden, he said. Mr. Ibrahim pointed out that this ultimately destroy​s​ the objective of the subtitles and create​s a false idea of the movie to the non-Hausa speaker. “It inadvertently makes it an extremely funny, and a mind-numbing film. I often wonder: is that truly English or “Engausa”, a hybridized English and Hausa languages, as it is popularly called in the Hausa community,” he said.



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