Words, Words, Words

Lissy Lovett kicks off her week of editing Mostly Film with a post about her day job, theatre captioning.

This week I’m on holiday from work and I’m guest-editing Mostly Film.  This is largely a coincidence; editing Mostly Film isn’t a full time job even with all the swanky media parties, free cinema tickets and international acclaim.  But when I’m not editing Mostly Film I work for STAGETEXT, who caption and subtitle art and entertainment.

Age-related hearing loss is going to come to all of us, sooner or later, as long as we’re lucky enough to live that long.  My fellow writers on this site like a lot of different kinds of entertainment, mostly films as is suggested by the title, but I personally like going to the theatre.  And when I become hard of hearing then I am going to thank my lucky stars that I live in London, not only one of the leading theatre-making cities in the world, but also the most accessible.



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