Click on the pictures to follow links to captioning and subtitling campaigns around the world.

All these campaigns are independent of each other and are not created by the Caption Everything team. We are highlighting these campaigns to show the need for captions. If you wish to add your caption or subtitle campaign to this page, and give it more publicity, contact us.

Current campaigns

Portland: Turn on the captions now!

Billion Words March

Facebook community: Deaf people are alive 7 days a week, not just Sunday/Monday/Tuesday – A campaign to get cinemas and other providers to think about better days/timings when they provide access for deaf people

Sky: Enable subtitles for OnDemand

Facebook community: Please provide us with 100% subtitles

Captioning Matters

Facebook community: Captioning OSN – To urge OSN (Orbit Showtime Network) in speeding up the process of incorporating English subtitles in all OSN channels (whether the broadcasts are in English or Arabic) so that everyone – deaf, hard of hearing and hearing people – can have a better experience.

Read captions across America

All White House YouTube videos are captioned – from the moment they are made available to the public

Petition: Start captioning Smosh!

Petition to Sony, Twitch, Nintendo, Microsoft: Make E3 accessible with closed captioning on Twitch

Completed campaigns

2014 LoveFilm – Over 15 thousand people signed the petition to ask LOVEFiLM to make their services accessible to people with Hearing Loss. Since then, they have rebranded to Amazon Prime Video. They claim that they are “working on the situation”. A claim they have been making for several years. They refuse to provide a timescale, record of progress or firm commitment to making their services accessible.






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