Word-for-word captions

  • STT (Speech-to-Text) 
  • CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) 
  • Realtime Text 
  • Captioning / subtitling (on top of visual media) 
  • Closed captioning 
  • Text on Top: Wireless captioning on top of live presentations 

Summative captions

  • Electronic notetaking (ENT) 
  • Computer-assisted notetaking (CAN)
  • Text interpreting 
  • Meaning-for-meaning 
  • Typewell 
  • C-Print 

Remember: People usually speak at around 250 words per minute, and fast speakers talk at around 300 words per minute.

In the next video, Mirabai Knight types as quickly and as accurately as she can in the top screen, on a QWERTY keyboard, going from 40 to 185 words per minute. The bottom screen shows her doing the same on a steno keyboard, which is so much easier it’s ridiculous. She even has time to do a little realtime editing during the slow bits. She can write with this degree of accuracy between 220 and 240 WPM on her steno keyboard, but after about 120 WPM she started completely losing it in the QWERTY window, so she decided to quit at 185.

Video: Steno versus QWERTY


Voice writing

Off-line captioning

  • Transcriptions
  • Video captioning
  • PDF: Transcriptions 
  • PDF: Caption your own video